Tips and Recommendations

Laura Shores

Pledge Class Fall '18- Corresponding Secretary and Parents and Alumni Chairmen

"When you go greek, you have an immediate group of great girls that support you through everything! For me, starting BSC was pretty stressful and confusing, but my sisters were so helpful and comforting!"

Emily Sellers

Pledge Class Fall '18

Jillian Ivey

Pledge Class Fall '16- Third Vice President

"The best advice I can give someone going through recruitment is to keep an open mind. Having a delayed recruitment can give rise to stereotypes but all six sororities on campus are comprised of a great group of girls with amazing values. It's up to you to find where you feel the most at home. Listen to your gut feeling and trust the process, if you do this I can promise you that you will find a home for the next four years of your life!"

Emily Enoch

Pledge Class Fall '17

"I went greek to find girls that would make me feel connected and at home on campus. I'm really happy that I went greek because I found lifelong friends that will always be here to support me."

Rachel Wray

Pledge Class Spring '19

"I would suggest going greek because you will make strong unbreakable friendships and lifelong sisters through joining a sorority! I have made some of my closest friends by going greek! Going greek is so much fun and there are so many ways to get involved and meet new people that will connect you to opportunities after college. Some tips I have for going greek would be to just be yourself and have fun! You will connect with the girls who are most like you if you stay true to yourself!!

Christian Watkins

Pledge Class Fall '18- Director of Sisterhood

"My advice would be that no matter where you came from and no matter who you are, there's a special sisterhood for you. You belong somewhere so don't let anyone convince you otherwise."

Jordyn Miller

Pledge Class Fall '18

"If there is even a small part of you wanting to go through recruitment, do it. Many girls say recruitment is scary and in a way it is nerve-racking, but it can also be an exciting experience to meet some of the most fantastic people and gain friends that will help guide you through life. The most important advice I can give is to be yourself and everything else will fall into place. Don't let uncertainty stop you from trying something new out!"

Laura Crandell

Pledge Class Fall '18- Treasurer

"I went greek because I had several cousins rush and it seemed like it would be a fun idea. I would say find people who you can be yourself around and where you will be happiest, and find people who share the same values and interests as you. I am so happy I went through recruitment because I always have a sister there whenever I need support, a laugh, or simply best friend. Many people told me that once you join a sorority, you will always have a friend there for you whenever you need one and I have seen that come true. I can't imagine my life without these girls. They have truly become my family."

Sabrina To

Pledge Class Fall '18- Service and Greek Philanthropy Chairman

"I thought I would never go greek, but that changed when I met the girls in ZTA. I've found some of my best friends and study buddies there. For being such a diverse group of girls, the ladies in ZTA manage to use those unique and individual differences to help each girl find her place, which is why I went greek."

Ashley Rennhack

Pledge Class Fall '18- First Vice President and House Manager

"My advice for someone going through recruitment is to not stress over which outfits to wear, wear whatever feels the most comfortable to you. Your confidence will shine through your outfit!! I went greek because I wanted to find a group of girls who I could always turn to if I needed to and that's exactly what I found!"

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