Chapter Housing

On the Hilltop there are six sorority townhouses. Each townhouse has spacious suite-style rooms for eight members to live in. The ZTA is very lucky to have a brand new kitchen that is available for every member to use! Sisters are often seen making meals, baking cookies, or spending time together all throughout the house. We also have a parlor room, chapter room, study room, and living room for members to socialize, watch movies/TV, and even study together! 

As Zeta Tau Alpha's, we are fortunate to have a National Housing Corporation. They help to provide beautiful decor and furniture for our house. We are so thankful for everything they have done for us and our house! 


Home is where Zeta is.

"Feels like home to me. Zeta's home to me. Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong."


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