Sisterhood is one of the most important aspects of the ZTA experience. From planned sisterhood events (such as our annual spring sisterhood retreat) to spontaneous get-togethers (think movie nights or quick shopping trips), we share so many great moments just spending quality time with each other and creating unforgettable memories. Sisterhood events are invaluable to the member experience, as they enable us to grow closer as a chapter or allow sisters to form bonds with other members they may not know as well. Ultimately, our unique, diverse sisterhood constantly reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for and why ZTA is so special to each one of us.

Some of the sisterhood events we have enjoyed in the past include visiting the pumpkin patch (where we love taking cute pictures & picking out pumpkins to decorate!), ice skating with sisters, going cosmic bowling, and attending on-campus and off-campus sports events such as the Birmingham Baron's baseball games. During football season, you can always find our tailgating tent with large wooden ZTA letters which display not only our Panther Pride but also support for our six sisters involved on the Cheerleading and Dance teams! Furthermore, sisters have the opportunity to attend our annual spring sisterhood retreat, where we play icebreaker games and bond over inclusive activities and conversations which allow us to grow closer to all of our members.

Occasionally we get together and mingle with our non-Greek friends to craft (in the past we have decorated mugs and made dream catchers), eat delicious treats (doughnut wall, candy bar, ice cream bar-yum!), or even partake in something service-related such as making notes of encouragement for cancer survivors. 

Most of the time you can find sisters hanging out at the house making dinner together, watching movies, getting ready for a fun night out, or staying in to study together. Whenever a sister needs someone to run an errand with them, grab dinner, or go to a last minute concert, there are always sisters willing to go! Any day of the week, you can catch Zeta sisters eating together in the caf and catching up on life. We also love supporting our sisters in activities they participate in outside of Zeta such as band concerts, musicals, and sports games. 


In Alpha Nu, we recognize that quality time spent with sisters is one of the most valuable things in college life. Sisters are here to encourage you, provide unending laughter, give the best advice, and push you to be the best version of yourself. We never pressure you to change who you are in any way- members of Alpha Nu's diverse sisterhood love and embrace you for who you are. There is nothing stronger than the bond of sisterhood!

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